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Ran across the Microsoft Drawbridge project while researching Midori (an MS Research project that has moved into one of the commercial business units). It’s fascinating. Understanding “library OS” really requires that you unthink a decade or two of Microsoft shorthand (and a little propaganda). You could also just go back a few years in time. …

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December 29, 2013

The Five Guys Burgers and Fries franchise in Las Vegas, including a half-dozen open and profitable stores, is for sale. Anyone interested? I think the owner was trying to “flip” the franchise – buying the rights cheap, opening outlets, and selling the package for more than he invested. Smart if he pulls it off.

December 27, 2013

It is all but impossible to get an unprotected EPUB into iBooks on my iPad, now.

I often find myself in a position to offer someone else an opportunity to contribute their experience to some effort. Perhaps it’s someone who’d like to try their hand at technical writing, and I’ll offer to publish a blog post for them at I’m confounded, however, when I run across folks who say something like, …

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The Disney fan blogosphere has been in a ruckus over the company’s new MyMagic+ program, being implemented now in Florida’s Walt Disney World. Specifically, long-time fans are irked by the new FastPass+ system. For you non-Disney-elite, some background is in order. And trust me, you’ll find it interesting. Years ago, Disney introduced a system called …

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I am finding myself increasingly vexed by Microsoft’s marketing “strategy” for Surface in particular, and for Windows in general. It seems to go something like this: “Let’s trash the competition by making specious comparisons that highlight the very few things we do better.” Seriously, you’ve seen the Surface ad where the big selling point is …

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