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This is going to be an odd post, I think. I’ve become… disquieted. Not upset, not concerned, just a bit at odds with something, and I’m not even sure how to clearly express it. It’s about paying attention to details. Now, I’m extremely detail-focused. Clinically so. Possibly pathologically. But I feel I have to be; it’s …

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January 21, 2014

Proverb: Make it easier to have YOU do it than to do it myself. That’ll be why you have a job. No other reason.

I’ve been watching something awful build up over the last few years in the IT industry. You know, IT pros – the folks we call “admins” or “sysops” or whatever, as opposed to software developers – have a reputation in the IT industry. It’s a reputation that’s pervasive across ISVs, conference organizers, nearly everyone. Even …

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