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This article on says it all: “So Long IT Specialist, Hello Full-Stack Engineer.” Business are realizing that they can’t have It people who only know one thing. They need IT people who can do it all – engineering, maintenance, troubleshooting, and coding. No, not every single IT person will do every single job, especially in …

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February 20, 2014

Proverb: Always promise what you can deliver. Always deliver what you promised.

On February 11th, this is going in a band around my left calf (at least partially – not sure if it’ll be 2 appointments). Thought I’d geek out and share. The first logo is a Jeep grill. This is actually partially done already; I have the grill and headlights from 15 or so years back. …

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Unfortunately, fires sometimes happen. Right now I’m thinking about real fires: flames, danger, damage, injury, the whole deal. Fires aren’t something you think about very deeply while they’re happening: your goal is getting them out, while minimizing danger and injury. Actually, let’s take injury out of the analogy for a moment – pretend the building is …

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