My New Tattoo: The Story


On February 11th, this is going in a band around my left calf (at least partially – not sure if it’ll be 2 appointments). Thought I’d geek out and share.

The first logo is a Jeep grill. This is actually partially done already; I have the grill and headlights from 15 or so years back. I’ll have those refreshed, and the outline added. Jeeps have been huge in my life – I’ve owned 3 Wranglers and a Cherokee since 1996, and they’ve been with me through some of the best and worst times. Having a Jeep around became a comfort, like a safety blanket, which is why this grill was the first tat I ever got.

Next up is Mickey. Disney’s been a big part of my life, and Disney Parks remain my go-to place to shut off and relax. I’ve had some of my best times there with my family, and they’re times I’ll remember forever.

Number three is the logo from my first real computer, a Commodore 64. I learned to program heavy-duty on that thing, helped run a BBS, and did my first writing for my local Commodore Users’ Group magazine. The C64 definitely put me on the path that led to my career.

In the middle of the back of my calf will be the F-14 Tomcat logo. It’s really a cool logo – like the aircraft, it has twin tails, and a gun. Why “Tom” cat? Naval Vice Admiral Thomas F. Connolly was influential in getting Congress to kill the failing F-111A project and instead fund a new fighter. The new fighter would be carrier-compatible, meaning it would launch by means of a steam-powered catapult. Such aircraft were often called “cats,” so the F-14 became known as “Tom’s Cat.” Tomcat (Manufacturer Grumman also liked using feline names for jets). As described on the “About” page of this site, my first job out of high school was aircraft mechanic apprentice for the Department of the Navy, and the F-14 was the first jet I worked on.

After that is PowerShell’s logo, which should be well-known to most folks reading this. PowerShell has been incredibly important to parts of my career, and has certainly made me something of a brand name. It’s also introduced me to some of the most wonderful and passionate people inside and outside of Microsoft – I just needed to acknowledge it, and them, in this tat.

Last but not least is Starfleet’s logo – the classic one, since that’s when I was a Trekkie. Through the end of high school and throughout my apprenticeship, I was a member of Starfleet: The International Star Trek Fan Club. Yeah, we were nerds. But we had heart: we’d wear our costumes to things like the local Children’s Hospital to cheer up the kids, we’d play Lazer Tag with the kids at the local Boy’s Club, and we helped run Star Trek conferences up and down the East coast. I learned a lot about management that way, and got to meet (and work with) some incredible folks – including Denise Crosby (ask me about her underwear sometime), Jimmy Doohan, George Takei, Walter Koenig, John DeLancy, Michael Dorn, and so many more. I made a lot of great friends. I also really learned to write – and write fast – as part of Starfleet. I wrote most of the early 1990s-era manuals for “Starfleet Marine Corps,” most of which mixed a fictional future-history with real technology education.

Anyway, thought you’d enjoy the brief stopover in geekville ;). I’ll post some pictures of the in-progress and finished product in my Twitter feed, @concentrateddon.