Personal Rant: In Defense of Barbie

I’ve no idea if Barbie is a good or bad role model for young girls. She certainly has had a lot of careers, and I can only hope she’s earned equal pay for them. Yeah, she has a physically impossibly body shape. Know why? She’s a plastic doll and she has to be able to fit into doll clothes. Which are made from full-size fabrics, by the way, which doesn’t work the same at Barbie sizes.

But if Barbie has given your little kid a bad body image, that’s your fault. How the heck did you raise a kid to believe that a plastic freakin’ doll was an appropriate thing to admire? I mean, nobody’s blaming SpongeBob Squarepants for giving kids a bad body image. I never felt bad about myself after looking at a Skeletor doll. Sorry, action figure.