Brother, Can You Spare $5?

My good friend Jason Helmick has a lovely young adult daughter, Devon. Devon recently took it upon herself to make a difference to the homeless folks in Phoenix, where they live. She and a couple of friends make fresh brown-bag lunches, including sandwiches, fruit, and wholesome items, and then hand them out to the hungry folks in downtown Phoenix. Now, young folks being how they are these days <grin>, I told her that if she kept it up for a month, I’d be happy to chip in and help with the grocery bill. She did, and I did, and I wanted to mention it to you. Her fundraising page is where to donate $5, $10, or whatever you can.

I think what she’s doing is great, and I think it’s wonderful to see someone her age concerned about those around her… and taking some of her precious time to help out. When Americans speak of our country being the greatest in the world, this is what they’re talking about. Not relying on the government, not creating a giant Federal department, simply spending a little time, and a little money, lending a hand.

In any big city – heck, even in Vegas – there are folks begging for money, ostensibly for food. But who knows what they do with your spare change? Stories abound – many are even urban legends, I’m sure – about drugs, violence, sex, and so on. What Devon’s doing is perfect: she’s simply giving them a free lunch. It isn’t terribly fancy, but it’s exactly how our parents raised us all, isn’t it?

She’s inspired me, too. I’m looking for a simple way to help out in my own community. I’m not going to solve anything, but I can certainly take a minute to help someone’s life be a bit easier, at least for a day. Everyone should have a day to be thankful for now and again, right?

Anyway… donate to Devon if you can, and are in the mood. If not, try to encourage your own kids to do something selfless, even if it doesn’t go on forever. See where you could maybe alleviate a little pain in your own community. As an engineer, I have this overwhelming mental desire to fix things. In this case, don’t try to solve the problem. Just see where you can raise a smile.


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  1. sukotto_san

    Don’t have much to spare, but that was $10 that’s well worth it.

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