Think IIS isn’t as Important as DNS?

In a Microsoft environment, or a mixed environment that includes a lot of Microsoft, IIS is every bit as important as DHCP, DNS, Active Directory, and other infrastructure elements. Without IIS, many of the mission-critical services your users rely on… simply aren’t there.

  • SharePoint? IIS.
  • Outlook Web App? IIS.
  • PowerShell Web Access? IIS.
  • Office Web Apps? IIS.
  • System Center Configuration Manager? IIS.
  • Desired State Configuration? IIS.
  • Lync? IIS.
  • Azure Websites? IIS, of course.
  • Forefront Identity Manager? IIS.
  • Forefront UAG? IIS.
  • BizTalk? IIS.

Not to mention all those internal line-of-business web applications that rely on IIS. The thing is everywhere.

So, for your users, IIS is every bit as important as DNS, DHCP, and all the other magic acronyms that make the network work. In fact, almost every major Microsoft server product depends on IIS. Sure, you can just “let the product set it up,” but wouldn’t you rather know what’s actually happening under the hood? So you can, you know, troubleshoot it when things break, and optimize its performance?

Thing is, most Microsoft admins have an entirely “hands off” approach to IIS. Some even admit they’re outright terrified of touching it.

But the neat thing is that IIS isn’t all that hard to understand. And, once you do, you can do lots with it. Load-balancing a DSC pull server is no different than load-balancing OWA… because they all use IIS. I truly believe IIS is, from the perspective of a Microsoft admin’s career, just as important as Active Directory or even PowerShell. It’s the under-the-hood thing that powers so much of what our users rely on… you just can’t safely be ignorant of it.

That’s why I pressed good buddy and fellow MVP Jason Helmick into writing Learn IIS Administration in a Month of Lunchesone of the Lunches titles I’ve been most excited about. He’ll teach you everything, starting with the basics, including the complex bits of managing IIS using PowerShell. He covers load balancing, high availability – all the things you know.

Check it out. This book is one that I had in mind when originally creating the Lunches series, and I think Jason really nailed the instructional design. It’s a book you’ll actually pick up again and again – everytime someone says, “ARR,” for example, I reach for my copy. Even on Talk Like a Pirate Day.

IIS has been a sneaky little critter, creeping into every cranny of the Microsoft universe. Don’t let it sneak around any more. Get IIS Smart™

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  1. Ygor

    Since I decided to take my job and my IT studies seriously, I understood the real necessity o get in-deep about IIS, SQL and Power Shell ! And I’m really hopeful that my career will be more strong and well succeed ! Thank you for all advice!

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