DSC Summer Camp at My Place

So, we’re going to do DSC Camp at my place the weekend of August 21st, 2015. Yeah, NEXT year.

We’ll ask folks to arrive Friday the 21st sometime in the afternoon, and we’ll go down to the Strip for an informal meet-up. On the mornings of Saturday and Sunday, we’ll have classroom time at a Hilton Garden Inn near my house. Saturday afternoon and evening will be “unstructured wet discussion time” (e.g., pool day) at my place, possibly with Outdoor Movie Night thrown in for fun. Sunday evening, we’ll have more informal discussion time for folks who stick around.

Topic-wise, we’re going to spend a day on DSC planning and infrastructure, and a day on writing custom resources – fully expecting to be doing so the v5 way, since it should have been out for a while by then, I’m guessing.

We’ll probably limit this to something under 20 total people, and that’ll include a couple of specially invited guests. Cost-wise, you’re probably looking at $1500. We’re going to cover all the food and beverages and whatnot, as well as rent meeting space with that money. You probably won’t need a car (we’ll work out a shuttle bus) and you’ll need to stay at the Hilton Garden Inn on South Las Vegas Blvd in Las Vegas (it’s about half a mile from my house). There’s a second hotel that’s actually a bit closer (but doesn’t have meeting space) in case the HGI fills up, although we’ll encourage you to book a room as soon as you register with us.

If you’re interested, drop an e-mail note to DSCCamp over at PowerShell.org. That goes to Chris, who will record your e-mail address, and let you know when we open registration. Please only e-mail if you’re pretty serious about attending – we’re not going to use that as a general “we’ll send more information later” kind of advertising service. We’ll be opening registration in early 2015, and we’ll e-mail you when that happens (and probably won’t e-mail you otherwise).

Seriously, this isn’t a “send us an email if you’re vaguely interested in the concept.” We’re gonna do this, and just want to be able to e-mail folks who genuinely plan to register when the time comes. This is all being managed manually, so thanks for helping us keep it simple <grin>.

(Quick update – thanks for the many suggestions, but I won’t be doing this as some kind of visit-every-city roadshow; the main point was to simplify logistics and do something simple and unstructured; you’re welcome to do one at your own house and I’ll be happy to tweet about it, but I don’t have the bandwidth do take this on the road)