Happy New Year. See What We Did, There?

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my articles on this site over the past year. Whether you realized it or not at the time, I set out to write 26 articles related primarily to technology and tech careers; this is the last of ’em. They’ve been interspersed with other observations, which I hope you’ve found somewhat interesting.

If nothing else, I hope you’re considering what your career should look like in 2015 and beyond, and thinking about ways to get it from wherever it is today, to wherever you’d like it to be. One thing’s for certain: the tech world will continue to change and move on with or without us, and it’s up to us to continue to change. It’s by paying attention to the “meta information” in your career that you’ll pull ahead.

I haven’t yet considered what I’ll write about for 2015. I’m open to suggestions, or perhaps I’ll just play it by ear.

Thanks for reading, and please have a safe and happy 2015.