DSC Camp: Come and Get It (Registration Open!)

Here it is, the DSC Camp Brochure: DSCCamp-Brochure – that’s got all the details, save for one caveat about the early bird pricing, which is below.

In it, you’ll find the registration URL. We’ve got fewer than 16  spaces available (some early bird folks got dibs), and the price goes up after March 1st 2015 OR after we sell through the “Early Bird” inventory. Note that the brochure only mentions the March 1st date; if you go to the payment URL and it’s the higher price, then we sold through the less-expensive slots.

Questions? Drop a comment below and I’ll answer as soon as I can.

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Conquer Microsoft’s Desired State Configuration (DSC) technology in this exclusive boot camp-style workshop led by Microsoft MVP Award recipient Don Jones, founder of PowerShell.org and author of dozens of PowerShell books, magazine articles, and ebooks. Located off-Strip in a private training facility South of Mccarran Airport, you’ll join an extremely small group of experts and enthusiasts for a unique learning experience.

This is an immersive experience, where we transition from traditional classroom lecturing to group planning and discussion, including meal times. You will need to bring a laptop capable of running PowerShell v5, and ideally running two VMs joined to a domain. We’ll provide laptop details closer-in.

Location We will be located in the Hilton Garden Inn, off-Strip on Las Vegas Blvd South. Your admission fee for the class includes two nights’ lodging at the hotel, and all meals. You shouldn’t need a rental car, and you’ll be able to book (and pay for) extra nights if you like.

Class Overview

DSC is a key technology deliverable in Microsoft‘s strategy for administrative automation and DevOps. It offers declarative, document-driven configuration management and enforcement for server (primarily) and client workloads running Microsoft Windows or supported builds of Linux. DSC is easily one of the most important technologies to come out of Microsoft since Active Directory, and is a key enabler for cloud-scale manageability, helping to ensure continuous delivery of key IT services. DSC Camp is a unique, one-time opportunity to learn about Microsoft’s Desired State Configuration from the industry’s leading independent experts.

This intensive, hands-on experience (bring your own laptop; specifications provided after registration) will cover everything about the DSC technology in Windows Management Framework v5, including infrastructure, planning, design, resource authoring, debugging and troubleshooting, and more. We will also cover real-world issues like the lack of inbuilt management tooling, GUID tracking approaches, and many other topics.

Class Objectives

Our goal is to cover the complete range of DSC technologies and applications, including:

• Authoring of custom resources as v5 classes

• Design of pull server infrastructure for various use cases

• Testing and troubleshooting techniques (with code)

• Overview of presently available resources (MS and community)

• Valid and invalid use cases

• Integrating DSC as an enabling technology for process- oriented IT management, such as ITIL

Much of the class will involve group discussion around scenarios and solutions, which is one reason this class is strictly limited to 16 students. We will run from Friday evening through Sunday lunchtime, with optional (no extra charge) instruction and discussion Sunday afternoon. After completing class, students will be able to begin immediately implementing pilot and production DSC deployments, including authoring in-house custom DSC resources and modifying both Microsoft- and community-provided general-purpose resources.

One thought on “DSC Camp: Come and Get It (Registration Open!)

  1. Bill Frazier

    Don I’m VERY interested in this Camp. I’ve been eating/breathing any/all things PowerShell for the last 2 years. Have read/reread PSH In a month of lunches, PSH Toolmaking in a month of lunches, and I’m currently consuming PSH In Depth. I’ve read the DSC Book you and Steve Murawski have put out and I have a very good understanding of the tech that is DSC.
    I’m the PSH Evangelist at work and I’m constantly encouraging my co-workers to get on this PSH train with me. I use PSH anywhere and everywhere I can and encourage the team to do so as well. I’d LOVE to come to the camp but I don’t want to show up and be the proverbial ‘deer in the headlights’ attendee and slow others down.
    Bottom line: What I need to know is what do you and the rest of the presenters mean by “Strong PowerShell experience”? When others ask about my experience I tell them “Beginnermediate”. 🙂

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