Help: Euro Vacation Suggestions

So, PowerShell Summit Europe 2015 is in Stockholm, in September. Either before or after, Chris and I are gonna take 3-4 days for ourselves.

Paris is on the table. We love Paris.

But I’ve never been to Ireland, and I’d like to. Problem is, lovely as I’m sure Dublin is, I don’t wanna do a big city of I’m in Ireland. So I’m looking for suggestions. I’m not interested in scenery or castles or golf; some quiet, a pub, and some local interest would be fine. A B&B near a pub would be great; better if there’s a little local shopping, or a sporting match, or a second pub.

I’m also open to some other places. Vienna. Prague. But, can I get by in English? What’s there to do? Bonus points for connectivity to the U.S. via air – Stockholm flights are just so-so from the US. Should I just do Copenhagen? It’s got great transit connections, and I’ve only been there on a cruise (and loved Tivoli Gardens), but dunno what there is to do. No castles.

I love small, local pubs. And tiki bars. Big points for having a tiki bar. I’m a foodie, so major restaurants are a huge plus. Michelin stars, baby. Theater! Although, non-English is tough. Don’t like museums, but walking tours rock. I love experiencing history and culture, not looking at it behind glass.

Hoping for Northern-ish Europe for its proximity to Stockholm. And yes, I know where Ireland is. That’s different.

OK, Europe. Help me out. And if you’ve a PowerShell user group, maybe we can do a thing.

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    1. Don Jones

      Love Edinburgh, but went there for Fringe a couple years back – looking for something new this trip. So much Europe to see!

  1. Gael

    Hey Don,

    If you’re in Paris and like to ‘experience history’ I’d recommend visiting the Passages (they might be walking tours ):

    Cheap but good food can be found in the ‘Chez Papa’ restaurants (french south-west style).

    Better but more expensive, there’s the ‘chez clement’, but I haven’t been in years.

    Nice area to see is on top of Montmartre, there’s loads of small streets with café around ‘Place du tertre’. I quite like the old streets around there, with old stone houses.
    You can walk down the ‘Rue Lepic’, and have a ‘Monaco’ or a ‘Kir’ in ‘Le Café des deux moulins’ (Where the movie Amelie, 2001 takes place).
    If you go further you’ll arrive at ‘The Moulin Rouge’ next to the Blanche Tube Station (or should I say subway? Metro?), near Pigalle… Well known for other stuff…

    Enough of Paris.
    I really enjoyed Budapest, Prague, Munich, Barcelona but I think Vienna is much easier to get by when you speak English, and it’s a very nice little town in summer. If you’re there, and not allergic to classical music, then an evening in one of the concert venue is a must (and not as boring as it sounds, it’s actually quite lively). The lager is usually good and cheap.

    Although I’ve never been to Ireland yet, my approach would probably be to rent a car there and drive around, maybe staying in a different pub every night. Killarney sounds like good destination, but maybe too far from the airport for only a few days.

    Hope that helps, and have fun planning your trip. Michelin also do decent Travel Guide, the Michelin Green guides.

    I’ll probably go to the Summit in September, Amsterdam was amazing!

    I hope there’s still available places for the DSC camp! I’m waiting for my boss to approve it… They just don’t like when things happen in L.A. If you say Chicaco, Philly, SF, NYC it’s fine… but L.A. is usually enough to put them off 🙁

    1. Don Jones

      Thanks for all that! Yep, Camp still has a few spaces. And it’s Vegas, not LA… but yeah, I get it. If it helps, we’re staying quite a bit away from the Strip and all that madness. You can say Henderson, NV if it helps! Hope we’ll see you in Stockholm, registration will open in early March.

  2. virrr

    Brugge or Gent because of the historic city center and With Brugge you are walking in to the middleages. Lost of Nice pubs with the famous belgian beers and great food. Brugge had lots of Michelin stars. Gent however is somewhat les touristic. Gent has a Nice b&b called alphabed.

    1. bb

      I have to agree that Brugge matches your description for a perfect trip ! Compact center, lots of pubs, restaurants and history.

      Checkout the movie “In Bruges” 😉

  3. Gary Smith

    For something a bit different: if you want the darkest night skies in the Northern Hemisphere try the Kerry International Dark-Sky Reserve in southwest Ireland. Google the name for more information.

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