What Do You Do with a Hero4?

So, I got a Hero4 for Christmas. I’ve no idea what to do with it.

I mean, I get that it’s a camera. But it’s a little awkward as a snapshot camera… and frankly, for snapshots, I tend to just use my phone.

When I go to Disney parks (basically the main time I leave the house), I see people wandering all over with Hero cameras at the end of a stick. I’ve no idea why. I can’t imagine watching the resulting video. Ever.

When I’m traveling – say, out of the country – I definitely want to have photos. But, again… phone. Snapshots I know how to display and enjoy: I can print them out and hang them on the wall, and I’ve a room in my house full of those mementos. Video? I’ve no idea what to do with it afterwards.

To be fair, I was never a camcorder person, either. I once accumulated about six hours of content from a Jeep Jamboree, which I laboriously edited down to a wonderful, exciting, 30-minute video. That I watched, like, twice.

I’ve truly no idea what to do with this camera, or what to do with what it produces.

Any ideas?

6 thoughts on “What Do You Do with a Hero4?

  1. Kyle Labhart

    So truly one of the base things a hero 4, or any “action” camera, is used for is to take videos in situation where a conventional video recorder can’t cut it. Personally I use mine for hunting trips and then, like you, take the painful amount of time to cut down 5 hours of hunting to 5 minutes of action. That part for me is a labor of love. After all of that time is spent then I post it out to Facebook and YouTube for other people to enjoy. Sometimes it creates friendships, other times I draw criticism. In it’s simplest form any kind of videography and photography is a hobby. If it isn’t your thing, then it isn’t your thing 🙂

  2. Tom

    Totally with you there Don. My wife bought me the camera, the extendable wand, and a clamp mount; they are all still in the box!?

  3. Jimmy

    I often use ours when entertaining. I set the camera to time lapse mode and place it on the fireplace mantle to capture the living room and kitchen. The result is a flip book of the events of the evening. I’ve also recently started wearing it on my backpack strap when walking around new places/cities. The goal there is to use Hyperlapse from Microsft Research to create a compressed video of a broad event.

  4. Alex Soury

    You could use for creating a time lapse. I put it on my child one Easter with the chest harness while they did the Easter egg hunt; that was pretty cool to watch.

  5. Alex Soury

    Although primarily its used in situation where you don’t have your hands free to use a camera. Like skiing, mountain biking, white water rafting, etc.

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