The “Don’s Vest” Charity Raffle

So… please read this knowing that tongue is planted firmly in cheek as I write this ;).

I’m more or less known for dressing up a bit when I speak at conferences. My “uniform” is a vest, dress shirt, tie, and jeans or khakis. My partner, Chris, picks out most of the vests and they’re pretty unique. There’s one brown one I used to wear a lot because it’s got this really cool embroidery on it. Sadly (or happily), a couple of years at the gym means the rather-fitted vest doesn’t fit anymore. This came up during a recent conversation at a conference, with some folks suggesting – mostly in jest – that I should just auction off the vest.


How about this: A bunch of Don’s stuff, some of which you can’t use, and some of which you can.


The prize package on offer is:

  • The Vest in Question. Unsigned, but if the winner wants it autographed, they can specify where.
  • A copy of The Nine Principles of Immediately Effective Instruction, featuring the Vest in Question on the cover photo.
  • The Korean translation of Learn PowerShell 3 in a Month of Lunches. I’m huge in Korea, I think.
  • PowerShell in Depth, 2nd Edition, featuring an entirely different vest in the cover photo.
  • Learn SQL Server Administration in a Month of Lunches.

I know this is a little goofy. That’s kinda the point. But this isn’t an auction – it’s a raffle. Note that this is open only to US Residents (sorry, everyone else) in that I’m not going to be able to ship overseas. However, if you’re a non-US Resident and have someone in the US who I can ship to, then you’re welcome to play along.

Here’s how to play:

  1. Make a cash donation to, the Las Vegas (my home) organization that makes sure everyone has a good meal every day. Your donation must be at least $10, but can be of any amount you want above that amount. $10 helps pay for up to 30 meals – so you’re doing good work, here. I’ll point out that, if you win, you’re getting four books (three of which you can read) for as little as $10 – so consider giving generously ;). Donations are tax-deductible (which is why I’m having you donate directly to them rather than through me).
  2. Do a PDF or screen cap of your donation receipt web page, and e-mail it to Include your full name and shipping address in the e-mail.
  3. You have until the end of August 2015 to do this. You can make multiple $10-or-more donations if you want to enter multiple times. Just send each as a separate e-mail.
  4. I’ll Get-Random one of the entries as the winner. This will happen the first week of September, 2015.

My thanks in advance for your generous donations. Las Vegas and our goofy economy help ensure that plenty of perfectly ordinary families in Las Vegas simply don’t have enough money to put food on the table. They’re stuck spending on “frivolous” things like rent and electricity, the latter of which gets extremely expensive here in the summer. When kids are out of school, they can’t even fall back on school lunch programs to help. So summertime is especially challenging for ThreeSquare, and I truly appreciate any help you can offer.

I’ll note that ThreeSquare has no idea I’m doing this, isn’t responsible for prize fulfillment, and isn’t being represented by my in any way. If you have strong objections to that particular organization, I’ll accept an equivalent “raffle ticket” for a $10+ donation to a charity that you do love.