What are the hot IT certs these days, from your perspective?

Regardless of whether you think certifications are personally valuable, and ignoring what you think might be important to you or your current job, what do yo think are the current “trendy” IT certification titles? In other words, what do you see everyone else getting excited about?

And, following that – do you think the trend is worthwhile, or do you think there’s another direction people should be looking?

Drop a comment – let me know!

4 thoughts on “What are the hot IT certs these days, from your perspective?

  1. bb

    At the moment in my opinion: Puppet, Scrum, Office365 and TOGAF. In the Netherlands, Microsoft certifications are always in demand, SharePoint “on prem” and MSSQL are the best certs for freelancers.

    I stopped believing in IT certifications years ago (except for RHCE), they are mostly theory exams with all answers and examples out there.
    Analytical thinking, problem solving, communication, documentation and patience are what it`s all about in IT at the moment. Technologies come and go, if you are you able to quickly adapt new technologies and methods you can have a bright future in IT.

    p.s. I want to thank you for giving the world all your PowerShell knowledge, I love the In Depth and month of lunches books. Your explanation on Functions and OOP are the best in the world. PowerShell scripting for me was a steppingstone to other languages as well, I now code in C# and JavaScript.

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