IT Ops News and Talk Show: October 2015

Hop on over to register for my October News & Talk show, and don’t forget to check out the recordings from September! It’s likely that future show recordings (they’ll all be recorded) will end up on the same YouTube channel, so consider bookmarking that. Or subscribing, even. Or whatever you kids do with YouTube these days.

We’re also working on getting an audio extract for you iPod commuters. Watch my Twitter feed for that info.

This month, we’ll focus on Containers as our technology topic, and I’ve got a great guest lined up to cut through some of the spin and talk about what’s real. I’ll also rant a bit about technology debt, what it means, how real it is or isn’t, and what you can watch for to stop it from happening. Or at least to refinance it. Plus, the usual quick news bits (and opinion), and some hot new Pluralsight courses you can check out.

Join for the live show and I’ll take selected questions from the audience!