OK, DSC Book Campaign Didn’t Work :(.

Well, it was worth a shot – but it’s looking like our IndieGoGo campaign to fund a comprehensive DSC book is gonna be a bust. Around January 5th, IndieGoGo should refund everyone who contributed – and thanks for that support! Unfortunately, the demand just doesn’t seem to be there within the audience that Jason and I can reach.

That was a concern all along. I’ve mentioned before how advanced books tend to do pretty poorly – PowerShell in Depth hasn’t broken any sales records, for example – compared to entry-level books. And we’re still early on in DSC’s life, so the adoption isn’t huge, which means the audience isn’t huge.

This doesn’t mean the idea is dead, however. Jason and I are going to be spending some time discussing possibilities. We’re considering, for example, offering an ebook on a paid subscription basis, which would enable us to update the thing more or less continuously. Dunno. Even with the DSC documentation now open-sourced, and even with great DSC video education available via Pluralsight, I think there’s a lot of need for the expertise and explanation a book can bring. So we’re going to think about it some more.

Anyway, thanks again for those of you who supported us, and we’ll keep you posted.

3 thoughts on “OK, DSC Book Campaign Didn’t Work :(.

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  2. beatcracker

    Just found your DSC book on PenFlip and it’s way better than everything I’ve seen lately. There is a ton of documenation, blog posts, etc, but it’s all very fragmented or too narrowly focused. Thanks for sharing it with the community. I hope that someday the complete version will se the light.

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