OK, fellow nerds: Need a BT headset recommendation

So, I’m looking for a new Bluetooth headset, after not using one for quite some time. To be clear, I’m after a one-ear, talk-on-the-phone headset, not a two-ear, run-on-the-treadmill earbud situation.

My preferences:

  • Lightweight, good volume, and uncomplicated controls. I’m fine running most of the control from my phone, actually, so the fewer buttons and knobs the earpiece has, the better.
  • Charge via micro USB (and I’m fine with one that has to go into a charging case; that might even be better, as I’m apt to damage small things if they’re not in a case).
  • Decent battery life. I’m talking 4-5 hours of talk time between charges. This is kind of a big deal and I’d be more willing to compromise elsewhere than here.
  • Good audio quality, especially on the microphone. My iPhone 6S supports LTE Voice, which sounds just amazing, and I’d rather not dumb it back down to “scratchy I can barely hear you.” I’m not normally in a super noisy environment.

Thoughts? Feelings? I’ve got a hand-me-down B&O Earset 2, which looks cool but is a left-ear model and I’m really finding myself preferring something that can go right-ear instead. And it’s battery life ain’t much to write home about (it’s an older model, I know batteries have come a long way).