The Internet Travails Continue…

For those of you following my adventures and woes of Internet connectivity, I thought I’d offer an update.

CenturyLink (which my Mac wants to autocorrect to “centurkink,” so make of that what you will) sent another tech out. My bonded-pair DSL service was crap, because line 2 kept dropping all the time. So I went out to the NID and just unhooked line 2. The modem complained for a bit, got over it, and proceeded just using line 1. Steadily. I mentioned earlier that I suspect Line 2 was just the same old crap-tastic wire that caused all the problems in the first place. The modem, in fact, claimed that Line 1 had a loop length of just under 8,000 feet, while Line 2 was close to 11,000 – which is odd because they follow the same path to the CO. 

Anyway, I told the new tech, “if you can’t make Line 2 work, don’t even hook it back up. Take me off the bonded-pair and back to single-line service.” At least I can get a steady almost-10Mbps (and a blazing 1.25Mbps up) to work with.

So that’s what he did. This, I feel, would absolve me of any contractual obligations regarding length-of-commit with the bonded-pair service, too.

So I had a company come out to install a microwave line-of-sight transceiver on the house. 20Mbps, both ways. Very low latency. I’m not gonna lie, I was pretty excited. I did some rewiring in the house so they could just plug in their Magic Microwave Box and get me going. And yes, this was pretty expensive. Very expensive. But I’d decided it was worth it; I work from my home, and I love “Grace & Frankie” on Netflix. Priorities, man.

And the happy day arrived. It was this past Monday.

And the tech couldn’t pull line-of-sight on their tower. Just couldn’t get a signal. We’re slightly below the prevailing grade, it seems, and that didn’t help.

[Insert cursing, and remember that I worked for the Navy for four years.]

So, still on single-line DSL. I’ve got two more companies coming to do LoS surveys to see if we can hit a tower. And no, satellite isn’t an option with their ridiculous 10GB/month caps. My freakin’ cell phone has a 14GB/mo cap on tethered data, for pity’s sake. And yes, that’s still potentially an option – I need to put an outdoor antenna and a femtocell in the house to pull that off, though, because the house is basically a Faraday cage. Long story.

Anyway. I’ll keep you posted. Know that I love my home (DSC Camp attendees can vouch for why, and watch this space on April 1st for the new DevOps Camp 2016 announcement), and I love that it’s in a quiet, semi-rural area. Except for the Internet thing.

3 thoughts on “The Internet Travails Continue…

  1. edbaker1965Ed

    I almost feel guilty commenting using my UK Virgin Cable 200Mbps down 30Mbps down connection. It really surprises me how advanced the tech industry is in the US yet the mobile (cell) systems and Internet connectivity seems so expensive and hard to get hold of.

  2. bbnetman

    I am in the same situation Don. My only relief is I can drive to a friend’s house that is not too far away (where I am at now at this late hour) or go in to the office.

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