This is the Windows Server Education You are Looking For

Trick headline. Sorry. This isn’t the education you were looking for, because nobody knows what education you need. 

See, most tech education tends to be feature-driven. That’s especially true for first-party education, like Microsoft Official Curriculum (MOC), and aftermarket courses tend to more or less mimic those first-party outlines. But first parties have an agenda – they want to push specific features, not necessarily just support you in what your organization needs. 

And your organization is different from everyone else’s.

That’s why it’s so important for you to spend 7 minutes taking this survey, right now, and then getting your colleagues, Tweeple, Faceplace Friends, and everyone else to take it to. Forward it around your entire IT Ops team, if you can. You see, in my job at Pluralsight, I have tremendous influence over the courses we create for IT Ops and what those courses contain. I want to use my powers for good – but I’m not going to guess what you need. I want you to tell me. Hence, the survey.

If you’ve ever taken a class – ILT, video, or even read a book – and bemoaned that it spent too much time on stuff you don’t need, and too little on stuff you do, then you owe it to yourself to take the damn survey already. And make sure your teammates and colleagues take it as well, so we can hear your voices and respond to your needs.

Don’t want to take the survey? Fine. Be doomed to generic, less-applicable courses. Fine by me. Just don’t complain about it.

Or, you know. Take the survey.

3 thoughts on “This is the Windows Server Education You are Looking For

  1. Rob

    Hi Don,

    Long time follower, but looking at the questions in the survey prompted me to comment. Very unusual for me. Why the total miss on Desktop/Endpoint engineering? In my very long career I’ve done it all, at least once, and find myself now engineering Windows client deployments across unclassified and various classified networks. With Microsoft (MS has been very very good to me… (from Saturday Night Live)) now changing the game on the client OS life cycle I can’t believe it doesn’t make your survey. Granted there is a lot of free content on the web covering this material (thanks MS, Johan and Michael).

    1. Don Jones

      This is explicitly around server administration. We weren’t attempting to encompass all of IT – we also omitted a huge array of other subjects :). Each will be its own effort; this is the one were tackling right now.

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