Free Book: “Conversational PowerShell”

Wanted to quickly point out Conversational PowerShella very short, free eBook I wrote for the folk at Conversational Geek. It’s designed to quickly explain what PowerShell is, what it looks like, and what you can do with it. Obviously, if you’ve been using PowerShell at all, it’s redundant – but I hope you’ll send it off to your colleagues, friends, and bosses, to help them understand what the technology is all about.

And I should point out that Conversational Geek itself is run by two very good friends of mine, J. Peter Bruzzese and Nick Cavalancia. The “conversational” concept is something Peter came up with some time ago, and they’ve created a growing library of concise books that explain technology basics in fun, easy-to-read style. They’re both upstanding individuals and it was really great to work with them on this project – they even did me the honor of coming up with a custom “me” version of their “geek” character, all the way down to sending a very cool mug featuring the new cartoon version of me.

Anyway, I hope you’ll check the book out, share the link with everyone you know (hey, it might even explain to your spouse or kids what the heck it’s all about), and let me know what you think!