Help a Kid Get Started in IT

Today, The DevOps Collective (where I’m President and CEO) announced a new “GetGoing” education program designed for recent high school graduates or young career switchers.

The basic education program is available to anyone, and Pluralsight has provided a concrete implementation of the plan that would cost a self-studier under $400 for just the education (online labs, certification exams, and other components have their own costs). The DevOps Collective is offering two free-ride scholarships, worth $11,000 apiece, that include the full education program, online lab time, a DIY PC kit, paid certification exams, paid practice exams, and live mentoring from an IT professional.

All told, this program meets the basic criteria collected from hundreds of IT hiring managers who were asked what they wanted an entry-level IT Ops technician to know. That means, for someone completing this program, they have a strong shot at an entry-level IT position, perhaps as an MSP desktop technician, a help desk tech, and so on. Given the low cost of the program, and it’s under-1-year completion time, this offers a strong and credible alternative to what’s traditionally been available.

I hope you’ll help me publicize this program by taking it to your local PTA, to your school, to your friends’ grad-age kids, and more. Scholarship applications are being accepted right now.