My 2016-2017 Conference Schedule

In the event you’re planning to hit a conference this year or next, here’s where I’ll be – please come and say hi!


In just a few days, I’ll be at Midwest Management Summit for a precon and a session or two. I’ve never been before, and am really looking forward to it, so please if you’re there – say hi! I’ll be in from Sunday through Tuesday.

I don’t really have anything planned for Summer, excepting DevOps (DSC) Camp at my place in Vegas this August. I won’t be planning additional travel in Summer this year – planning to actually spend some time at home and in our cabin.

In September, I’ll be on the Expo Floor at Ignite for Tue-Wed, mainly at the Pluralsight booth. I’m not planning on attending the main event apart from that, although we’ll be hosting PowerShell Community Happy Hour early Tuesday evening (we’ll have details in August). I haven’t been asked to speak and don’t expect to be, unless Jeffrey Snover asks me to crash a session of his or something.

October, I’ll be doing a precon and a session at IT Edge, since it’s conveniently located in Vegas during a time when I will actually be home.

December, I’ll be at TechMentor for Live! 360, doing a Friday post-con with Jason Helmick as well as two sessions on Thursday. I won’t be attending for the first half of the week, but you do not want to miss that post-con. Trust me. And no, it’s not recorded or streamed. It’s not the kind of thing we want committed to permanent record.


For 2017, I’m going to be drastically cutting back on presentation travel. I’ve been saying that for three years and I’m actually going to. You can expect me to basically be at two events:

I’m very much up in the air about Ignite 2017, and it’ll depend a lot on how 2016 goes and where 2017 ends up being located. I’m going to Just Say No to additional events in 2017, in an attempt to actually be at home a bit more. Keep in mind that I do a good bit of travel for my job at Pluralsight, so piling on the conferences and user group events can get a bit tiring. DevOps Camp for 2017 hasn’t been planned yet, although since it doesn’t require travel it doesn’t technically count ;). I’m likely not going to be at the Orlando TechMentor, given what I understand of the dates they’re considering, but that’s not decided, yet. If any events book themselves in Vegas in 2017, I’ll consider presenting since I can commute pretty easily.

Hope I Get to See You!

So I hope you’re planning on attending one of these events, and that you’ll do me the honor of saying “hi” if you see me!

3 thoughts on “My 2016-2017 Conference Schedule

  1. rickvanover

    This is a great idea to share the schedule out like this, I may do the same 🙂

    My challenge is that major events are set, but many other matters aren’t so set. I like to say I give a 50% reliability to anything more than 4 weeks out 🙂

  2. Julie Andreacola

    I will be looking for you at the Midwest Management Summit. It’s a great conference.

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