DevOps (and DSC) Camp 2016 Agenda

We’ve finalized the high-level agenda for Camp!


Obviously, not all of the exact presentation topics have been nailed down, in part because Camp is such a fluid, discussion-based, of-the-moment kind of event. We’ll have a rough draft of our schedule a month or so before Camp itself – so late June to mid-July.

We still have a few seats left (remember, only 20 campers are admitted, so we can keep our intimate, discussion-based focus). If you’re thinking of attending, check out the brochure, and then get over and register.

2 thoughts on “DevOps (and DSC) Camp 2016 Agenda

  1. JeffTruman (@ScriptWarrior)

    Let me poke the bear here…. I disagree with the word DevOps. In almost every case i have seen it has been Ops becoming more dev and doing dev’ish things than Devs doing Ops type things. We as Ops end up providing tooling that allow for Infra as Code but it’s still Ops enabling Dev. Ops still have to keep the lights on and make sure $$$ is made.

    I would love to hear your and others thoughts….
    @ScriptWarrior – Jeff Truman – Cloud Admin

    1. Don Jones

      Well… I’d say you’re disagreeing with something before you’ve seen it. Just because you haven’t seen actual DevOps in action, doesn’t mean it’s not a thing. You just need to hang out with better people.

      And DevOps *is* nothing but Ops enabling Dev. That’s the point of it. The reason “Dev doesn’t become Ops” is because Operations shouldn’t be a creative exercise; it should be an automated science. Dev is a creative exercise, and it takes creativity to put that automation in place.

      Ops doesn’t “make sure $$$ is made.” That’s not IT’s job. And if you’re doing your job right, you don’t need the lights on ;). At least not in the datacenter, because you’re never going in there!

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