The DSC Book Status Update

Thanks to everyone who has checked out The DSC Book I’m writing. This is a unique project in my experience, in that I’m writing it a chapter at a time, and releasing those chapters as I finish them. So it’s a kind of “Agile” book in that regard. Early adopters can purchase it for $39.99, with the option to pay more if you think it’s worth more. Each purchase lets me set aside about 4 hours on the weekends or evenings, so I can work on the book. I’m also taking whatever spare time I can to work on it.

Right now, the book is nearing the 50% point of its original, planned outline. So, in August 2016, I’ll be raising the minimum purchase price and ending the early-bird pricing.

Here’s what’s to come:

  • Going Further with Configurations (which will include ConfigurationData)
  • Composite Configurations
  • Partial Configurations
  • Security and DSC
  • Custom Resources (function-based)
  • Class-Based Custom Resources
  • Self-Modifying Configurations

Then I’ll be adding extended examples. My intent was to keep the examples so far pretty minimal, so they could focus on explaining what was happening. I’ll expand that out in some kind of “putting it all together” chapter, yet to be spec’d out. Currently, the book is at about 15,500 words, and I’m expecting that to double by the time I get through the original outline plan.

But the neat thing about Agile publishing is that the book may never be “done.” I can always continue adding to it as I realize the need to address new questions, as the technology evolves, and so on. And my commitment is that, while the technology remains substantially the same, I’ll provide those updates to purchases at no extra charge. If Microsoft ever massively revises DSC and forces a rewrite of the book, that’ll be a new book, but until then – one price gets you a “living book.”

So huge thanks to everyone who’s supported the project so far, and thanks to everyone who’s still considering whether or not to jump aboard. I’m very committed to finishing this, and appreciate everyone’s patience and suggestions!

4 thoughts on “The DSC Book Status Update

  1. James Birley (@jbirley)

    From everything you’ve shared and taught, and everything I’ve learned and applied as a result, 40 bucks was the least I could do!

    And so far, this book has already answered so many questions I’ve had, no different from your other PowerShell titles.

    Thanks and keep it up!

    – Jim

    1. Don Jones

      No, I haven’t adjusted the minimum price of the book, yet. It may be adjusting for local currency? I’d suggest contacting LeanPub’s support, they’ve been very responsive.

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