The Pester Book with @adbertram

Adam Bertram has graciously agreed to collaborate with me on The Pester Book, a book we’ll be Agile-publishing on LeanPub, as I’ve done with The DSC Book. A highlight of LeanPub, for me, is that we can publish an initial batch of chapters, and then keep adding to the book over time – and even revising it as Pester itself evolves – and ensure that every buyer gets an updated copy of the book at no additional charge. It’s like a lifetime subscription! We’re currently thinking of a $10-$15 cover price, although over time as the book grows that may bump up for new purchases.

Anyway, I have a question first.

If you’ve used Pester, or even read about it, what are some of the things that have confused you, or gotten you stuck? The more specific you can be, the more able we’ll be to make sure our book addresses it – which will help everyone, in the long run. Drop your comments below!

Now, for a bit on our strategy with the book. Our initial release will cover the basic concepts, syntax, and pre-requisite design concerns (e.g., your code has to be designed to be testable). We’ll hit everything in the official docs, but offer context and explanations and practices to those.

Phase two will include integrating some of what we (especially Adam) has already written elsewhere – not copying and pasting his excellent articles, but integrating their concepts into the text.

Phase three will expand the book to focus on a series of real-world, from-scratch examples: building tests from scratch for existing code, building infrastructure validation tests (Adam’s specialty), and starting with a test-driven design approach.

As we go, we’ll incorporate reader feedback, and over time we’ll continue to expand, add more examples, and cover more situations and practices based on what folks tell us they’d like to see added. We’re looking forward to working on the book! It may be a month or so before we get the initial release ready to go, but I’m hoping in the meantime to collect some good responses to the question above.

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I’m very fortunate in that, growing up, I had very few people ever tell me I “couldn’t” do something, and so by and large I didn’t ever tell myself that I “can’t” do something. There have been, however, two notable exceptions.

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