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Sorry this took so long to get posted – this past week’s been a blur. These are the scripts and files I produced during my TechMentor Orlando 2016 sessions. OneDrive link:!AuGg59ik-MChhS8vhHbcUm6cYNrk And in case that doesn’t work: scripts

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(This is about politics, but it won’t be political). Many of my non-US friends are looking at our post-election cycle and wondering “WTF, guys?” They primarily live in parliamentarian countries, and the US electoral system is indeed a bit Byzantine from that perspective. So here’re the basics:

I was a SysOp. In the 1980s, I helped run the BBS for TCUG, the Tidewater Commodore Users’ Group. It ran on a C-64, and ran ColorBBS. I was a SysOp again in my first IT job, which was night-shift AS/400 Operator. I ran backups, mainly. Mmm, mag tape.