My 2017 Conference Schedule

This year I’ll have a scaled-back conference schedule, so if you’re interested, I thought I’d share. Most notably, after around 13 years, I’ll no longer be attending TechMentor Events, or assisting with their content planning. This is in no way a falling out or anything bad; I still recommend the show, but it’s just a time commitment that, in addition to my full-time job, I’m no longer able to fulfill. I’ll miss working with everyone there.

April 9-10-11-12, I’ll of course be at PowerShell + DevOps Global Summit 2017, which is in the throes of registration and a highly recommended event if you’re in the PowerShell and DevOps space. These sessions are recorded and posted on the organization’s YouTube channel.

May 21-22-23-24, I’ll be at IT TRANSFORMATION in Orlando, which is being co-sponsored by Pluralsight. I’m involved with content planning, and this’ll be something like a larger-scale DevOps/DSC Camp. Traditional conference format, to be sure, with room for far more folks, but the same topical coverage and the same kinds of presentations. Plus, Disney.

July 28-29-30 is looking like the dates for my DevOps/DSC Camp, which will probably open for registration (on this website) in March or April 2017 (alumni will get first dibs). This is a small, 20-person working group (don’t call it a conference) that focuses deeply on DevOps and DSC-related topics. No, nothing here is recorded, because it isn’t traditional presentations.

September 23, is likely holding a PowerShell Saturday in Orlando, right before Microsoft Ignite. We’ll get registration of some kind opened up around June or July, I’m thinking. No session recordings or streaming, but it should be very inexpensive and easy to attend if you’re in the area. If I’m at Ignite, it’ll be because Jeffrey Snover asked me to co-present again, and I’ll likely only be there for whatever day that is.

And that’s it – just those four. I hope I’ll see you!