Anyone tried any of the food delivery recipe places?

We recently tried Don’t get me wrong; Chris cooks like a pro, but sometimes you want some variety, and sometimes you just need a meal that doesn’t require a lot of brainpower to put together. Like, in case I have to do it.

It’s a cool service. We set up 3 meals per week, and tried it for 3 weeks. They pick meals for you, but you can swap them out in advance from a library of a dozen or so options, which are constantly changing. That’s distinct from BlueApron, which we might also try, which has zillions of selections. Too much choice.

Anyway, each meal comes with most everything you need – except pantry items like oil and salt – in a bag. There’s a page-sized recipe card (with photos!), and they give you a calorie count and estimated prep time. We found pretty much everything to be spot-on, with only a couple of oddities in the recipes, and even then on very minor items (like what to do with the chopped parsley, one time). The food was super-tasty and felt very market-fresh. The price is what it is – cheaper than a restaurant, more expensive than buying food yourself. But, we can obviously keep the cards, and some of these items will be repeats in the kitchen, and we’ll shop for the ingredients ourselves. The nine meals we had were all great, all but one was very filling and satisfying, and they were all pretty easy to prepare – even with some complex recipes.

Curious if you’ve tried any of these services, how your experience was, and how the service worked for you? We’re going to try a different one next week and see how they compare. I’m not sure this would be a forever option for us, but I can see for some folks how it’d totally be the bomb.

2 thoughts on “Anyone tried any of the food delivery recipe places?

  1. Monte

    I also use, which I love. Their customer service is top notch and really on top of things. I got a wrong protein (chicken instead of rock fish for the fish chowder) and they issued me a $24 credit towards my next box. The food is excellent. The only thing that really concerns me is the amount of plastic waste. Between all of the little baggies and the plastic freezer packs (which are reusable, but I can only store so many in my freezer), the waste seems excessive. Unfortunately, I’m not sure how they would remedy that. The only dish I haven’t enjoyed so far was the crispy fish tacos that I got this week, which I found lacking in flavor.

  2. Michael Bender

    We do blue apron and really like it. I’d say our experience and concerns mimic Monte’s above RE One thing it has done is given me great ideas of how to prepare vegetables like kale, collars greens and brussel sprouts in ways we’ll eat. Also, like that we can make the items from the recipe cards. One big issue we found is some of the recipes have huge amounts of starches and push the calories to 750-800. I have a garage full of boxes and re-usable ice packs!

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