IT Transformation: DevOps Camp-ish Writ Larger

Check out the “ITTRANSFORM”-tagged sessions at the IT Transformation conference website. This is an event that I’m helping to content-manage, in conjunction with the event’s organizer and Pluralsight. I’ve often been asked if my annual DevOps Camp will be a larger thing, and this is about as close as I think I’m able to come.

To be clear, this content is very focused on DevOps, cloud (the Azure flavor), and scale. And this is a conference, not the small working group-style event of actual Camp. But it’s an attempt to bring Camp-level content to a larger audience. We’ve got a pretty amazing speaker lineup, including guys like Orin Thomas and John Savill, wonderful teachers like Tim Warner, and even Shellfather Jeffrey Snover. We’ve got MVPs and MS team members, and some truly impressive expertise.

Check it out, and even if it’s not the right event for you, please consider passing it along to your coworkers and colleagues. It’s not going to be a mega-sized, get-lost-in-the-shuffle event by any stretch, but I’m hoping we can reach a few dozen people and get a good group going. As far as I know, this’ll be the only independent cloud/DevOps event in the Microsoft space, so there’s an opportunity to get in “on the ground floor,”as it were, and build a real community out of this.

I hope to run into you there!

(Ignore the “SP”-tagged sessions, which are from concurrently run SharePoint and Office 365 tracks)