DevOps Camp Preview: “Selling” DevOps

DevOps/DSC Camp isn’t a conference – it’s a “working group” of enthusiastic professionals who share their experiences, practices, challenges, and triumphs. Only 20 people are admitted and we have a high alumni rate – and alumni are asked to prepare a presentation. No, we don’t record or stream – you need to be here live! Register at Here’s one alumni session currently proposed:

Getting DevOps Buy-In

Ben Hodge

After the first DevOps Camp in 2015 I lobbied for changes in my Organisation & but just before DevOps Camp 2016 I was asked to create & lead our Enterprise change program.

During the creation & design of the Program as well as during initial implementation I’ve had the chance to apply many of the recommendations & theories discussed during previous DevOps Camps as well as in DevOps literature. Like all complex theories, proper application & execution is a huge part of the problem and that’s where things get interesting.

In this session I’ll share what I’ve learned about getting buy-in, top-down vs bottom-up challenges, problems with organisation maturity & lack of technical competency. I’ll also highlight key pieces of advice from Attendees & Organisers at previous DevOps Camps & how that helped or impacted my own implementation.
I hope to give others an idea of what implementing the types of culture & methodologies discussed at Camp takes & share both successes & failures I’ve had along the way so that you can benefit from my experiences in your own Organisations.