Three Tips for Being a More Prolific Blogger

I’m making it a point in 2017 to blog at least once a week – usually on Thursdays. And if you’re thinking, “you know, I should do more blogging, too,” then I have a few tips that may help.

First, inspiration comes at all times and places. I keep a list in my phone of article ideas. Then, when I’ve actually got the time to sit down and crank out a few hundred words, I’ve got my inspiration all queued up. Ideas come from everyplace – conversations with friends, something I’ve seen on TV, or something mentioned at a conference.

Second, set aside time. I usually set aside a couple of hours a month, although I’ll also dive into the blog in the “corners” of time, when I should probably be on Facebook or playing some online game instead. But an hour or two a month will get something in the blog, and so if that’s all I get in one month, that’s fine.

Third, schedule posts. When I do get a bigger block of time, I might get 3-4 articles queued up, and so I’ll schedule those (using to appear over the course of a few weeks or whatever. That way I can maintain a more consistent publishing cadence, even when my actual writing time is more fragmented.

And finally, as a bonus tip, stop thinking that you have nothing to contribute that anyone would want to read. Writing can be useful for you, even if nobody else finds it useful; a well-written article is a way of organizing your thoughts, and it helps your long-term memory retain information more easily and for longer. And there are billions of people on the planet – the idea that nobody will ever find use in your writings is just bullshit. You’ve learned things, you’ve conquered problems, and you’ve figured things out – and by not sharing those experiences, you’re just being selfish. 🙂

Time to start blogging!

4 thoughts on “Three Tips for Being a More Prolific Blogger

  1. sumdog

    I have a ton of drafts setup in git (I use Jekyll) and I really just need to start dedicating time to really drill down and finish them. I try to post at least one post per website (I have 3 blogs .. only 2 that I really care about) per month. Soon I’ll be quitting my job for another sabbatical and I really want to see if I can do at least two per site per week.

    Another thing, if you don’t have a pad and paper and just your to-do list app: use the notes field in the todo list to start pecking/swiping your draft on your phone. It might be a bit slow, but at least you can get some ideas out while sitting on a bus or train. It makes it easier to start flushing that draft out when you get back to your laptop/desktop.

    I finally finished a sort of entry point/aggregation site for all the others. It makes it easier to see my progress on posting:

  2. OzThe2

    It can be tricky though. I try to only blog about things I’ve discovered that are not out there already, or need extra clarification or sometimes I’ve pieced together a guide pulled from several sources in order to make something that’s more coherent. As such, my blogging is sporadic. I’m not sure my particular blog would fit the suggestions you have provided; but it’s making me think long and hard and I’m going to see what I can do….

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