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DevOps/DSC Camp isn’t a conference – it’s a “working group” of enthusiastic professionals who share their experiences, practices, challenges, and triumphs. Only 20 people are admitted and we have a high alumni rate – and alumni are asked to prepare a presentation. No, we don’t record or stream – you need to be here live! Register at Here’s one alumni session currently proposed:

Keeping Secrets with KeyStore

Paul Shamus

Keystore is an open source project built with PowerShell that allows you to securely store and retrieve sensitive information without the need for other third party tools. In the discussion, I will give a brief overview of the main components of it, how it works and where you can get it for yourself.

Don’s note: I’m deeply looking forward to this one. This whole “secrets storage” has increasingly become a thing for so many people that I seriously thought about starting my own project like this, until Paul proposed this overview. Can’t wait.

3 thoughts on “DevOps Camp Preview: Keeping Secrets

  1. Gregg says:

    And where can we find more information about KeyStore?


    1. Don Jones says:

      Well, initially, “attend Camp” would seem to be an option… after that who knows. When things go well we publish them.


      1. Gregg says:

        I wish attending was an option…. But if you publish it that would be great.


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