DevOps Camp Preview: Making DevOps Happen

DevOps/DSC Camp isn’t a conference – it’s a “working group” of enthusiastic professionals who share their experiences, practices, challenges, and triumphs. Only 20 people are admitted and we have a high alumni rate – and alumni are asked to prepare a presentation. No, we don’t record or stream – you need to be here live! Register at Here’s one alumni session currently proposed:

Easing the Learning Curve of the DevOps Culture

Eli Hess

I work at an IT hosting firm, managing 2000 servers for 200+ clients. Every environment is unique so when I first heard the “Servers as Cattle” concept, I loved it but my brain melted when I began thinking about how to implement it. In this brief discussion, I will go over how I targeted a server role present in every company’s environment which could be easily slaughtered (and subsequently replaced) and then wrapped a GUI around building DSC configurations in an effort to get everyone using the technology without them needing to know how.

Don’s note: Given the “servers as cattle” message is one I’ve been preaching for a while, I’m looking forward to digging into how someone made it happen in their world. The great thing about Camp is that this won’t be a “session” in the way you’re used to at conferences. It’ll be a discussion – and I’m guessing an awesome one. I can’t wait to see some of the code.