Preview “PowerShell Scripting in a Month of Lunches” and help finish the book

Our new book, PowerShell Scripting in a Month of Lunches, is now available as part of the Manning Early Access Program. This is the spiritual successor to Learn PowerShell Toolmaking in a Month of Lunches (it’s a complete rewrite versus a second edition), and is the “sequel” to Learn PowerShell in a Month of Lunches, and the “prequel” to The PowerShell Scripting and Toolmaking Book. The relationship between the books is explained here.

Now’s a great time to buy the MEAP, if you’re interested. The entire book is “in,” but we’re really interested in feedback – which you can drop as a comment right here, if you want – because we have some additional ideas for “completing” the book. So it’s a great opportunity to make a substantive impact on the final book. The chapter count is finalized; what’s on the table, potentially, are expanded examples, more explanations, and so on. We’ve potentially got around 60 pages we could add to the book – but we want to add it in the right place, not just gratuitously fill the wrong spots.

You’ve got until roughly the end of July to give us ideas (the book is on a fast track), at which point we’ll be turning the entire thing over to Manning for final publication.

Looking forward to your feedback!

One thought on “Preview “PowerShell Scripting in a Month of Lunches” and help finish the book

  1. Marinko Sepic


    First of all, thank you for all the great PowerShell books you wrote or coauthored so far. I think that “Learn PowerShell in month of Lunches” is the book I recommended more time than any other book in my life. I remember reading it few years ago and thinking “this is by far the best beginner’s book on some subject I’ve ever read”. As for this new book, I immediately purchased it through MEAP on Manning site, and after reading available chapters, I can say I really like it (editing is already very good, but I think it needs to be polished a bit more to be on level with your other books). The way you and Jeffery share your thoughts and your experience on how to use technology is what makes your books I’ve read so far priceless (e.g. remarks in chapter on parameter pipeline binding and Trace-Command). I really feel that’s the thing that makes the biggest difference. I have some doubts regarding switch from toolmaking to scripting in book subject, although you did a pretty good write up explaining differences in previous book on this subject. Inclusion of VS Code in this book is great, great, great news for us and although you didn’t decide to make VSCode specific Appendix, I really hope that you include(d) a lot of your thoughts on VS Code and experiences using it in the rest of the book.

    Best regards, Marinko

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