Truthfully, I do not understand why anyone is content to clap from the nosebleed section instead of standing on the stage.

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  1. Craig Murphy

    I disagree. There are those of us that don’t need the attention to be successful. Surely it’s best to do what brings you happiness and satisfaction?

    1. Don Jones

      It wasn’t a metaphor about getting attention, and it wasn’t a comment on bringing oneself happiness. It also wasn’t a disapproval of people who do things I don’t understand. Me not understanding someone is actually a pretty common occurrence.

      1. Craig Murphy

        Thanks for the reply. It’s a thought provoking statement for sure. Insofar as I too don’t understand people at all, so much so I think of myself as a misanthrope when it comes to collections of the greater public! I find that as a collective groups of people behave in ways no one would ever behave when one on one.

        (I loved the Become the Master piece btw.)

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