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All the news has been focused on are the “plunges” in the US stock market, with headlines pounding home the fact that “the stock market” has had “historic” drops this week. Before you sell off your 401(k) and hide in the basement, let’s consider some less-hyped facts.

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Thought I’d share this quick excerpt from Be the Master’s in-progress audiobook. Spent about a day dialing in the audio to what I hope will meet’s specifications, but if not, there are other places I can publish it ;). Enjoy, and hope you’re having a great weekend! (BTW, comments are welcome about the audio technical quality …

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As I’ve written here before, I do believe that the current concept of “operating system,” at least with regard to servers, is on the way out. Not quickly, of course – these things take time – but faster than you might think. So I wanted to take a moment to perform a little thought experiment: …

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