In the wake of multiple gun-related atrocities in the past few months – Orlando, Las Vegas, and Parkland most recently – I wanted to try and offer a less-biased approach to the background of the “gun issue” in the United States.

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AMA: Is IT Just the Trend of the Moment?

Jimmy writes:

Do you, or did you ever, feel like trends in IT are really just driven by fashion and trends? With that in mind, do/did you ever find yourself worrying that your trajectory with your career is heading/headed towards obsolescence? As someone who tries to pay attention to the news, trends, and the latest updates, I sometimes find myself feeling crushed by the information, constantly worrying about keeping my skills up-to-date, but simultaneously feeling like every job outside of working for a startup or in DevOps ends in a cul-de-sac.

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Seeking Chapter Feedback

As I work on the 2019 Edition of Be the Master, I’ve decided to add a chapter on bringing Mastery, often in the form of mentoring, into the workplace. After all, our own colleagues are often the easiest and most obvious potential learners that we can serve, but there often are hurdles within our organizations.

So I’m writing a chapter specifically to address it. I’ll paste the draft below (pardon the Markdown formatting), and I’m very interested in your feedback. What do you feel it does not address, that it should? Leave a comment right here in the blog, and I’ll gather all that up as I continue to work on this piece.

Don’t worry about typos and such; this hasn’t even been through a cursory check, yet. I’m after substantive feedback on what this could additionally address to help you better.

Please respond by 23rd March 2018, in order for me to incorporate your feedback into my next draft.

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AMA: Tell Me More About Don Jones

James writes:

I want to know more about the life of Don Jones. I’ve followed much of your work, and am quite inspired by your success and the path you’ve taken to get there. But I don’t know much about you beyond the technical side of things other than what I’ve read from Be the Master. I don’t mean to pry or get TOO personal here; just wondering what a week is like in the life of Don Jones. This is more so a way for me to gauge and then improve how I am balancing and spending my time. How early do you have to wake up or how late to go to bed in order to have time for work but also dedicate time to your family? You mentioned adapting to a gym routine – and how fo you fit that in to your day? Is there ever any time for recreational hobbies or things outside of your normal work routine you don’t have time for, etc.

I hope you’ll ask a question, too.

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If it Makes You Special, Don’t Buy it

This 9to5Mac.com article is a fascinating illustration of a powerful business maxim. Businesses should build for themselves whatever makes them special and competitive, and buy or rent everything else. This isn’t meant as an Apple dig, and if you’re an Apple hater, please just settle down. I can give you examples from nearly any company.

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AMA: Why Aren’t PowerShell Commands More Consistent?

Axel writes:

How come cmdlets don’t act the same – or better yet, why is the syntax for similar things different? When I run Get-AzureADUser -All, I have to append a boolean $true for it to work. I would expect the switch to return true, if I append it to the cmdlet in the first place. Comming from Get-MsolUser that is pretty frustrating and pretty hard to explain, when spreading the good word.

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DSC / DevOps Camp 2018

Back in… jeez, 2015, which seems like forever ago, I started DSC Camp. At the time, Desired State Configuration was brand-new, and there were very few people actually working with it int he ran world. I wanted to get as many of those folks in a room as possible (it was about 15) for a weekend, and just brain-share what we knew.

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