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In the wake of multiple gun-related atrocities in the past few months – Orlando, Las Vegas, and Parkland most recently – I wanted to try and offer a less-biased approach to the background of the “gun issue” in the United States.

As I work on the 2019 Edition of Be the Master, I’ve decided to add a chapter on bringing Mastery, often in the form of mentoring, into the workplace. After all, our own colleagues are often the easiest and most obvious potential learners that we can serve, but there often are hurdles within our organizations. So …

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This article is a fascinating illustration of a powerful business maxim. Businesses should build for themselves whatever makes them special and competitive, and buy or rent everything else. This isn’t meant as an Apple dig, and if you’re an Apple hater, please just settle down. I can give you examples from nearly any company.

Back in… jeez, 2015, which seems like forever ago, I started DSC Camp. At the time, Desired State Configuration was brand-new, and there were very few people actually working with it int he ran world. I wanted to get as many of those folks in a room as possible (it was about 15) for a weekend, …

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