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This is a request: treat this as an “Ask Me Anything.” I’d like questions from you. Ideally, ones you think I can answer, but given a running start I’m sure I can come up with some answer <grin> to whatever you might ask.

Head over to my HMU page, and drop me a question. Anything. Well, I mean, ideally not something super-niche-technical, but otherwise, anything. I’m going to use these questions to construct a series of blog posts, maybe start some discussions here, and so on. I ask that you let me use your first (given) name only, when I publish your article. Tell me a bit about yourself, if you like, or just drop a question in.

If you can, help me spread this around on social media a bit – I’m very much looking forward to a big variety! And, you’re more than welcome to ask multiples – you can do so in one comment, or multiples, whichever works better for you.

Thanks for playing along!

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