AMA: PowerShell for Monitoring

Nicholas asks:

how would you use PowerShell for performance monitoring for items such as storage arrays.

I hope you’ll ask a question, too!

I wouldn’t. I don’t think PowerShell is a great monitoring tool. It wasn’t designed to be. It’s not great at just sitting and waiting for things to happen; it can, but you pay a lot in compromises. I’d get a proper monitoring tool.

One thought on “AMA: PowerShell for Monitoring

  1. gpunktschmitz

    i thought about this alot too. i even started my way into SNMP with powershell. the things i learned there was worth it. but i am now using powershell only to roll out the monitoring client and use the magics of zabbix for monitoring. i also wouldn’t suggest using powershell as monitoring. while it is possible it is way much more effort/pain to get the data/things you want. with zabbix i found a universal monitoring tool with very much templates for devices we use.

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