Shall We Play a Game?

I’m writing this on a Monday. I’ll come back Wednesday with the next step, and then Friday with the final bit. So, for Monday and Tuesday (adjusted for your local time zone), do this:

Write down every news headline that captures your attention, and where you saw it (like, a TV channel, a particular publication or website, etc).

Not catches your attention – not something you just see and don’t really pursue. I mean captures: something you either read in full or mostly, or listen to in its entirety, or whatever. If it’s a written piece, try to write down the full headline, and maybe a quick note about the content if needed. If it’s a video or audio piece, just write down a quick note – just a few words will do – about the topic. Obviuously, electronic notes are just fine.

If you scan, encourage some friends or colleagues to do the same, as it’ll make the Friday wrap-up more fun. So feel free to re-tweet, re-share, or re-whatever – the more, literally, the merrier.

And know that nobody’s going to ask you, or anyone else, what you wrote down. This’ll all be private to you, so don’t be afraid to write down that “15 Things Your Mother Hid From You – #3 Will Shock You!” article that you spent ten minutes on :). That said, don’t go out of your way to ingest news – just go about your ordinary day.

Tips: if you’re using a news app (such as Apple News) that lets you “save” articles, it’s easy to “save” the ones you read, for a handy reference list on Wednesday and Friday. However, you’re still going to want to make a note on paper or in a note-taking app of the headline or specific topic, as on Wednesday I’ll be asking you to make some specific annotations next to each one.

Again – it’ll be fun, so I hope you play along!