Are You Playing the Game?

This past Monday, I asked you to make a note of the news headlines you “consumed” so far this week. If you’ve not done so, there’s still time – continue collecting the news headlines that you read until Friday this week. If you’re viewing or listening to news instead of reading, that’s fine – just note the topic in a way that’ll make it memorable to you. And encourage friends and colleagues to join in! But there’s a bit more to do in order to make this fun:

If you’ve not done so, move those headlines onto a written note or into a note-taking app of some kind. You basically want one headline (or topic, or whatever) per line, with maybe a bit of blank vertical space between them. You can continue collecting headlines over the next couple of days, too – it’ll add to the enjoyment on Friday.

Before my Friday article posts (at about the same time this one did), do this: next to each headline, make some sort of mark indicating if the headline made you happy or mad, overall. Like, a smiley face or frowney face, or a check mark or “X” mark. Anything with meaning to you. For stuff that you feel was just informational, that didn’t really creep you out or make you smile, put some kind of neutral mark, like a “?” or something. Doesn’t matter. You could also think of it as, “I agree with this piece,” or “I disagree with this piece,” or “I neither agree nor disagree with this piece.” Don’t overthink it too much, as nobody’s going to be looking at this but you anyway.

That’s it – get all that done before Friday, and make sure your handwriting is legible to you.