Instructional Design for Mortals

My latest book, Instructional Design for Mortals, is now available on Amazon. Previously available on Leanpub, it’s now exclusive to Amazon in order to make it available to the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library and Kindle Unlimited. There are paperback and Kindle versions available. If you previously purchased it on Leanpub, you can still download the final version in PDF, EPUB, and MOBI from them.

This is a short book – just 171 pages – and it’s very much a “hobby thing” for me. Teaching and instructional design are very much personal passions, and they play heavily into my full-time job at Pluralsight. Instructional design in particular has been fascinating to me for over a decade, and I’ve always bemoaned the fact that most of the literature on the topic is either deeply academic or pop-culture sugar. I tried to split the difference, offering something that’s rooted on academic research, but really derived from years of experience and trial-and-error.

If you’ve ever needed to create some kind of course materials – or really, anything you want someone to learn from – it’s worth a read (of course I’d say that).