Longer. More Actionable. Field-Tested. And Available Now.

The Second Edition of Be the Master is available now!

In listening to feedback from the hundreds of readers who got the First Edition, I noticed a couple of common threads. One, I managed to leave some typos. Two (and most importantly) they wanted something more actionable. I mean, advice is great. Telling someone what worked for you is fine. But it doesn’t necessarily help them get to where they want to be.

And I knew I could do better, and be more actionable. But there’s a certain amount of arrogance, I think, in just telling someone, “hey, this is what I do, so you should do it as well.” I mean, who’m I? So I got a few close friends (several from outside the IT industry) and First Edition readers and ran a beta test. This ran in two phases for five months, and it worked. The ones who were able to commit and keep at it are achieving their goals. So, combined with a thorough copyedit from a longtime colleague, I felt the Second Edition was ready to publish.

This new edition is almost twice as long as the original, so there’s a lot of new material to cover. In addition to offering an actionable methodology for achieving your success, it has a whole new part on becoming a better teacher. There’s an expanded section on the path to Mastery. And a ton more.

It’s available from Amazon in paperback and Kindle formats (find links here). I’ve no current audiobook plans; the First Edition audiobook took me working every morning for two weeks and hasn’t really paid back that effort (like, it’s made $62), so I’m still on the fence (maybe a Kickstarter?). But the Kindle version is available to Amazon Prime owners via the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library, and via Kindle Unlimited.

If you get the Second Edition, drop a note and tell me what you think!