Catching up on Books

I’ve had a lot going on with book-writing recently, so figured I’d offer you a quick roundup.

As a note for the Leanpub titles: Log into your Leanpub account and make sure you’re allowing notifications for books you’ve bought. In an effort to comply with GDPR, Leanpub changed how they do notifications, and out of an abundance of caution, shut off notifications for anyone who hasn’t opted into the new more-clear policy (the opt-in before was implicit in some ways, and so your’e required to explicitly opt-in).

The DSC Book has recently been updated to cover late-breaking changes in recent Windows builds, including the ability to use SQL Server as a back-end.

Powershell 4N00Bs continues to move toward completion, and remains my recommended “absolute entry level” book, serving as a good prequel to Learn PowerShell in a Month of Lunches, Third Edition. 

How to Find a Wolf in Siberia (or, How to Troubleshoot Practically Anything) got a big update this past week, and I’m pushing toward an end-of-2018 completion.

PowerShell by Mistake got an update this morning, and will continue to receive new chapters on at least a monthly basis. This book is designed to help you learn PowerShell’s nuances by reviewing “broken” scripts and other problems. This is presently on a $10 intro price.

Tales of the Icelandic Troll is free, and is very much a personal for-fun project. If you like Star Trek and short stories, you might enjoy this. The read-online-for-free function is enabled, so you don’t even have to “buy” it (although if you do, it’s still free, and you can get new chapter notifications from Leanpub).

Be the Master, Second Edition is out and is getting pretty rave reviews. If you’re interested in really becoming a “driver” in your life, vs a “passenger,” and you’re looking to take your career up a notch and help really start helping others, this book is for you. It’s full of very actionable, prescriptive advice, not just vague platitudes. And the cover is a lovely blue. Readers also have access to a free mailing list of weekly advice, which is basically like getting 33% more book for free.

Instructional Design for Mortals is complete also, and is great if you’ve ever had to design learning materials but struggle with the academic-focused instructional design books on the market.

And I must mention the PowerShell Conference Book, which I contributed to. A whole mess of experts have come together, each one offering a chapter that “feels” like a PowerShell Summit session. 100% of the royalties help fund the PowerShell + DevOps Global Summit OnRamp Scholarship, so you purchase is helping bring a young and more diverse set of entry-level students into the PowerShell community. They’ve already funded one full-ride (including travel!) scholarship!

Have a great week!

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  1. Lloyd

    Great list of books Don. Looking forward to finishing up my copy of Learn Powershell in a Month of Lunches book (3rd edition) and want to get a copy of Be the Master.

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