An Important Notice for my Leanpub Readers

If you’ve purchased any of my Leanpub ebooks, I’ve an important notice for you.

Most of my books published there are either in-progress, or are ongoing “Forever Edition” titles. That means I and my co-authors routinely publish updates.

But you may be missing out on the updates due to a recent Leanpub change. 

In order to comply with GDPR, Leanpub needed to obtain explicit permission to email you about book updates. Their prior opt-in wasn’t explicit enough for GDPR requirements, and so in an abundance of caution, they disabled notifications for many readers.

Now look, I’m an IT guy. I hate opting into emails as much as all of you. I go out of my way not to opt into emails, even when I probably should. Be here’s what Leanpub has done. Start by logging into the site, going to your account menu on the upper-right, and selecting Email:

Screen Shot 2018-07-27 at 8.11.26 AM.png

Then scroll down, and you’ll see the book-related email section:

Screen Shot 2018-07-27 at 8.11.49 AM.png

This lets you receive “Hey, the book has been updated!” emails on a per-book basis. Importantly:

  • The author (me) doesn’t get your email address.
  • You’re not subscribed to a newsletter (those options are higher on the page)
  • You will only get an email if:
    • I publish a new version of the book AND
    • I indicate it’s a significant enough release to email readers

lot of my readers are missing out and possibly not realizing it. I’ve updated most of my books in the recent month since notifications were disabled, and a lot of folks haven’t re-enabled them (I can see what percentage of my readers are being notified of new released; it used to be 98-99%, and now it’s closer to 40% on most books).

Anyway, if you don’t want these emails, cool – but do check back often (monthly should be fine) for updates. The little Alert icon in the upper-right of Leanpub’s site (when you’re logged in) will let you know if there are new builds.

Thanks, and have a great weekend!

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