Free: Prove your Azure Mastery

One of the projects I’m involved with at Pluralsight is our Skill IQ program. Each Skill IQ test is a short, adaptive test driven by a pretty impressive set of under-the-hood algorithms. Adaptive testing is cool in that it lets the test engine ask you a pretty small number of questions (usually a couple dozen), from which it can infer a lot about your level of expertise.

A necessary part of that engine, however, is a “training” period, wherein we need a lot of folks to take the tests so that the engine can start drawing correlations, toss out “bad” questions, and so on. Thus, this blog post!

We’ve got a pile of Azure-related Skill IQ tests currently in “validation mode,” and we’d like to invite you to take ’em!

The official messaging:

Pluralsight needs your help in calibrating their new Skill IQs (skill assessments) that will be announced at Microsoft Ignite and Pluralsight LIVE. The assessments are currently in beta and need assessment takers with knowledge in the topical areas below to help calibrate the Skill IQs.
If you don’t already have a free Pluralsight account, you can create one hereby clicking on the orange “Register and start for FREE” button.
This should only take about 10 minutes of your time and you only need to answer around 20 multiple choice questions per assessment. As these assessment questions are in beta, you may have some feedback on them. All feedback should be submitted via the “Give feedback” button in the bottom left corner of each question.
You’re more than welcome to leave feedback as indicated! It’s kind of a fun way, even with the tests in “beta,” to see how broad and deep your Azure knowledge is.

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  1. davejdyer

    Ran through Microsoft Azure Deployment, and I’ll try to hit others as I have time. PS has helped me a ton.. happy to give back.

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