New Book: The Culture of Learning

I’ve started working on a new book, The Culture of Learning. This is a pretty different kind of book for me, and it’s intended for a very specific audience: people within an organization who are responsible for creating or promoting a “culture of learning.”

As a result, it differs quite a bit from my usual informal writing style; it’s a bit more formal, because I find at those levels of an organization, that’s what’s kind of expected.

The point of the book is to explore what “culture of learning” actually is, what it can mean, and what you can consider to start truly implementing it in an organization. It’s certainly more than just making “training” available to employees, and it’s even much more than actively encouraging employees to learn. The book explores the specific meaning of the word culture in particular, and examines the elements of culture that need to be built, what outcomes you can expect, and how to create employee participation in that culture.

If you, or someone you know, is responsible for your organization’s “culture of learning,” then I’d deeply appreciate your feedback. I’ll offer a 50% discount on the book through 8-October-2018, and invite you to use the “Email the Author(s)” link on that webpage to send any feedback you may have. You’re also welcome to drop comments right here.