AMA: Certifications or Experience?

Stuart asks:

What is your take on qualifications [certifications] over experience? I’ve talked with some hiring managers and about 50% say experience is better when it comes to applying for new jobs.  I know my 15+ years experience can take me so far, but I’m looking to improve my standing and employable.

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So, You Want to Visit Las Vegas?

Having lived in Vegas since 2003, having visited Downtown and the Strip quite often, and having seen our tourists encounter more than a few surprises, I’ve got a pretty good idea of what you might not be prepared for.

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AMA: How do I make time to learn?

Ryan asks:

How would you recommend one “makes time” to learn powershell? I own your 2 “lunch” books but I’ve never really made any progress. By the time I get home from work and deal with “life” I’m not really ‘excited’ to sit down and study. I’ve slowly started forcing myself to use PoSH but I’m doing “one-liners” but I know I could become much more versatile. I guess my question would be, how do I get motivated!

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AMA: Whassup with SCOTUS?

Ifiok writes:

Don, I have read your comments on some political issues and I would say I understood a lot after reading your posts.

My question is on one of the most sensitive issues in US – the appointment of supreme court judges. I have always believed that these judges are expected to be neutral in all cases and should base their decisions only on the law and its technicalities.

How come we hear the parties scrambling to get a judge that’s on their side – I hear things like “a judge with conservative views …”. Why does it matter if a judge believes in a particular parties ideologies and not the other?

This certainly speaks to me of a very partial supreme court system whose decisions are extremely political. In that case where lies the checks and balances the judiciary (and other arms of government) were supposed to uphold.

I hope this is not too long

Thanks for what you do the PowerShell community and your general followers.

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