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Back in late 2017, I asked y’all to ask me questions. Anything. It was, in part a cheat that I’ll readily admit to – answering questions is a lot easier than coming up with new blog post topics every week. And you came through! I’ve answered about 50 of your questions this year (and here’s …

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Jason asks: Before asking my question I would like to say thank you for your contributions to the Powershell community. I’ve read several of your books particularly both lunches books and a few of your ebooks. Powershell has had a profound impact on my IT career especially in improving my productivity and effectiveness. At this …

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Earlier this week, the US President said that, should upcoming talks with the Chinese President not go well, additional tariffs could be applied (subscription required; here’s an alternate article)- including Chinese-made products like iPhones and laptops. What’s a tariff?