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John asks:

I know you’re a Disney fan, and I know you love Epcot. I’ve also seen you make a lot of Figment references. So do you like the current “Journey Into Imagination” ride? Would you change it?

And here’s the list of everything asked so far.

I feel someone put you up to this.

Thank them for me, because I love almost nothing more than armchair Imagineering. Sadly, and for excellent reasons, Disney will absolutely not accept suggestions like this from outside their own ranks, but I think this would be a killer revamp of the current ride.

You know all Disney’s fans are wondering what will happen to the Imagination pavilion at Epcot. Even though it’s perhaps the least “futuristic” of the Future World attractions, it seems like it’s always been just as difficult as the pavilions that seek to stay “ahead of their time.”

Arguably, even the much-loved original attraction, featuring Dreamfinder, wasn’t really about imagination. Sure, he and Figment sang about it a lot, but you didn’t see them imagining much. Certainly, the current attraction is a lot more about triggering memories than that “one spark” that’s “at the heart of everything that’s new.” And it has to be frustrating: for a company that literally invents new, never-before-heard-of things almost every day, it seems so difficult to capture that elusive “something” that is imagination.

So I offer the attached.

FindingImagination (PDF)

One thought on “AMA: How Would You Change “Journey Into Imagination?”

  1. camilew711 says:

    Don I love that! I could totally imagine riding through the ride as you depicted it!


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